Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What type of items will be at the sale?

Quality, gently used (and some new): children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, diaper bags, toys, maternity, baby gear, nursery items, bedding, and a limited amount of furniture. See the Accepted Items for additional details.

What gender and sizes will you carry?

There is a good selection of sizes for both genders, ranging from newborn to size 14 and Maternity clothing in sz S-XL.

What sort of currency do you accept?

Cash is preferred of course, but we are also able to take Debit/Visa/Mastercard (must show a piece of ID.)

Will everything be marked 50% off on Saturday, Discount Day?

No, while many items will be, sellers/consignors will specify the items that they want to be marked 50% off on Saturday morning.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of the sale, we cannot. All sales are final.

Are children allowed at the sale?

Children are allowed, but please keep them with you at all times and monitor what they are doing. Please don’t allow them to play with the merchandise or climb on the equipment for their safety.

Will you be having another sale in the future?

Yes, we will have a sale in the early Spring and a Back-to-school sale in the late Summer. Sign up for email notification.


How do I become a consignor?

  1. Go to the Sell/Consign page and view the Accepted Items link to determine if your items fit the criteria.
  2. Next, read the Terms of Agreement and then register to become a consignor (you will be assigned a 4-digit number and must choose a password.)
  3. Remit the $10 consignor participation fee via Paypal using a credit card or Paypal funds to complete the process. You will be then able to log into the inventory tagging system.
  4. Sign up for a Drop off/Pick up appointment following the links. Sign-up for a shift if you are choosing to work the sale.
  5. Login to the software program to price your items and to generate tags for your merchandise.
  6. Print tags and attach to clothing.
  7. Drop off items, pick up after sale
  8. Cash check!

Are bathing suits accepted?

Yes, as long as they are in excellent condition. No used underwear will be accepted though.

What items are seasonally appropriate for the Spring sale?

Any Spring and Summer clothing. Transitional clothing such as jeans, long sleeves, sweaters, light jackets and shoes are all fine (except if they are really heavy or have a snowman on them!) Bathing suits and Dance wear are accepted all year round. Items that aren’t in season will most likely not sell, and it is best to save them for the next sale.

What items are seasonally appropriate for the Back to School sale?

Any Fall and Winter clothing. Don’t forget to bring your school uniform clothing, Halloween costumes, holiday outfits and snow wear.

When using the tagging system, can I enter some items and then take a break?

Yes, you can do as little or as much as you like at one time. All your inventory will be saved.

I don’t have a good printer, how can I print my tags out on cardstock?

You have the option to have the tags printed and cut at a copy place such as Kinko’s, Office Depot, Stapes, Office Max, etc...(We do not currently know what these places charge for this service, but are confident it wouldn’t be very much as many tags are printed on one page.) Contact us and we can provide a .PDF file.

What’s the best way to attach my tags to the clothing?

You have many options. Some consignors staple the tag to the clothing label, use safety pins, or use a tagging gun. Please attach the tags to the clothing label inside the collar or waistband so that the clothing isn’t damaged. Do not attach tags to the hangers and no straight pins (ouch!). Whatever method you choose, please make sure that it will hold, as items without tags will not be sold at the sale.

I want to sign-up for a shift to get the extra %, but I’ve never worked in an environment like this before. What should I expect?

Work shifts are for a 4 hour time slot. No experience is necessary!
  • Set-up shifts (Thursday morning/afternoon) duties include sorting and placing merchandise on racks and tables.
  • Event shift duties will include greeting customers and answering questions, straightening racks, putting unwanted items back, removing hangers and putting items in bags at purchase.
  • Tear-down shifts (end of day Saturday) include sorting merchandise and breaking down racks and tables.
Please wear comfy clothes and shoes, as you will be on your feet. Please be sure to read the descriptions of the work shifts to pick the best match for you.

When will I get my money?

You will be able to log in to the system and see your sold items the within 2 days of sale end. (Monday morning at the latest.) Checks will be mailed one week after this. Be sure to update your address with us if you have made any changes since registering so there is no delay in receiving your check.