Corvallis Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments starting at 9:30am Thursday, May 7th and ending at 2:00pm. It is a very simple process that involves checking in, getting your pre-sale pass and bringing in your items from your car (with assistance, if needed). We will do the rest!

A bin/laundry basket/box clearly marked with your consignor number is required at check in. We will keep these at the location so we can sort your non-accepted and un-sold items back into them for pick-up on Saturday.

In order to make the drop-off appointment go more smoothly, it is useful to group your clothing by gender and size.

Pick up of unsold items will be on Saturday, May 9th. Consignors with a last name starting with A – M will pickup from 6:30 – 7:00pm. Consignors with a last name starting with N – Z will pickup from 6:45 – 7:15pm. At the close of the sale, we will sort and group your items together, so it will be a quick in/out trip for you.  PLEASE NOTE: We cannot allow early pick-up times, as we need time to correctly sort all un-sold items. Entrance doors will remain locked until 6:30pm. Also, anything not picked up during this time frame will be donated.

Please reserve an appointment time to drop off your items.

Drop off Appointment Scheduling