Corvallis - Hanging and Tagging

Item Entry and Tag Printing

**Important: All items MUST be added into the tagging system by 6:00am on Thursday, May 7th, 2020. The tagging system will be deactivated at that time. Please plan accordingly.**

Preparing Items To Sell -

With the software we will be using for this sale you will enter your inventory online and print out tags on card stock. You will receive the information about how to enter your inventory once you have registered as a consignor.

All tags should be stapled, safety pinned or attached with a tagging gun to the inside label/ size tag (to avoid damage to the garment itself).  Please do not use straight pins or attach the price tags to the hanger.  Whatever method you choose, please make sure that it will hold, as items without tags will not be sold at the sale.

Shoes should be tied together with ribbon or string (looped through the laces of each shoe). The price tag should be tied or stapled to the ribbon or string.

Tags should be taped to all equipment, toys, etc. (A clear packaging tape works the best.)

All clothing should be hung. The curve of the hanger should look like a question mark as the front of the outfit faces you. Please do not safety pin any garments to the hangers as this makes the checkout process difficult.

If you are selling an accessory with an outfit place all socks, hair bows, hats, etc. in a plastic bag and attach them to the hanger of the outfit. If the accessories are being sold by themselves they should be placed in a ziplock bag and the tag should be taped to the bag.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive your hangers back after the sale. We will remove all hangers as the items are purchased and distribute them to the sellers at the end of the sale. If you want your specific hangers back you will need to mark them with a colored ribbon and you will be responsible for sorting them out. Even so, we can still not guarantee that you will receive all of your original hangers back.

We have found that some stores give away the hangers that they will not be using. You can check with Old Navy, Osh Kosh or Carters outlet or other children's clothing stores to see if they have any extra children's hangers you can use.

Pricing Your Items -

Below is a very general pricing guide. You are free to price your items whatever way you see fit. The guide below would apply to name brand items in excellent condition. New and upscale or boutique brands could be priced a little higher. Brands such as Osh Kosh, Carters, Old Navy or The Childrens Place as well as any items size 24 months and under should be priced lower. Remember to ask yourself “Would I be happy to buy this outfit at this price?”.

Remember - if you price your items toward the lower end of the scale you are much more likely to sell a higher percentage of your items.

All items should be priced at 50 cent increments.

Outfits tend to sell better priced together, but be careful not to get too big of a set. For example if you have a two shirts, a sweater, skirt, pants and socks that all match you would be better to break it up into two outfits to sell, and either include the sweater with one outfit or sell it separately. When pricing outfits you can use the guideline below and just add together the price of each piece to come up with your total.

Shirts $1 - $4 – Basic knit shirts would be on the lower end with swing tops and woven tops toward the higher end.

Hoodies and Sweaters $2 - $5

Shorts $1 - $4

Pants $1 - $5 – Knit leggings and pants would be toward the lower end with embellished jeans and woven pants toward the higher end.

Skirts and Skorts $1 - $4

Dresses $3 - $7

Jackets and Coats $3 - $10 – Depending on the weight of the jacket, etc.

Shoes $2 - $8

Socks $1

Tights $1 - $3

Hair Accessories $1 - $2

Discounting Your Items -

Saturday morning we will have a special with 50% off of selected items. You are free to decide which of your items you would like to have discounted at this time and which you would like to remain full price. We highly recommend discounting, giving them a greater chance to sell.

When entering your tag info, there will be a check box at the bottom of the entry form to specify whether you want to discount the item.